Auto Respond 2.1

A lot has changed in Auto Respond recently. Today Google release the final version of the SDK for Android N (SDK-24) which means that Android N features can be released to the Play Store release of apps! Users with Android N can enjoy a new quick toggle and a new notification with the ability to change the Auto Respond message directly from the notification. All users got a few minor bug fixes, and much more, including an updated material design theme.

Also in progress is an Android Wear module, which would allow users with an Android Wear watch to toggle Auto Respond and change the Auto Respond message from their watches without having to touch their phone, and a few other surprises including other new features and some smoothing up of the app performance and user experience.

Here are all of the recent changes:

Features added in 2.0.8:

  • Added compatibility for XL screens (tablets/phablets)
  • Added voice input for Auto Respond message on the main screen of the app
  • Added accessibility details
    • Makes things more user friendly for blind or visually impared users
  • Added checks to prevent a contact from being added to both Custom Response list and Do Not Respond list
    • A contact CAN be in a global list of one type and a schedule specific list of the other type, but CANNOT be in both lists either globally or within a single schedule.
  • Added a check for duplicate before adding a contact to Custom Response list
  • Tabbed view is now consistent with the material design standard
  • Changed titles of many screens
  • New notification icon
    • Since Android now automatically styles the icon in notifications, it was not fully representative of the app’s icon after being styled on most newer versions of Android. It is now styled in a way that it fits the Android standard, and is more representative of the app’s icon.
  • Fixed lots of bugs (mostly with schedules)

Features added in 2.1:

  • Added Quick Settings toggle button for “Android N” and above
  • Enhanced notification in “Android N”
    • Message can be changed from the notification
  • Fixed some issues with schedule widget
  • Other minor bug fixes