Tic Tac Toe

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A fun, free, and challenging Tic Tac Toe game! Will work on most Android phones AND tablets
Play against the computer, or play against a friend!

The computer player has 3 difficulties:

Easy: Computer chooses a random location, if the spot is empty it moves there, otherwise it chooses again
Medium: Computer will win if possible, if it cannot win it will block if possible, otherwise it will select a random location
Impossible: Every game WILL end in the computer winning, or a tie! (Go ahead, try to beat it!)

Normal Tic Tac Toe rules apply:
3 in a row in any direction wins (top to bottom, left to right, or diagonal)
Players alternate turns to place their symbol (Touch an empty location to make a play)

By default player 1 places a red X and player 2 uses a blue O. In 1-player games, the human player is player 1 (X) and the computer is player 2 (O). The color of the X and O can be changed in the settings, and so can which symbol each player uses.

The starting player is random by default, but can be set in the settings.

Right now, 2 player option is only for 2 players playing on the same device. The game will alternate turns. On-line play may be added in the future.

75x75_tic_tac_toeGet it on Google Play

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