Auto Respond Privacy Policy

In order for Auto Respond to work properly, the app needs certain permissions in the Android Operating System. These permissions include things like: Reading and writing text messages, reading your contacts, and reading the state of your phone. Although Auto Respond has these permissions, none of this information is ever transmitted anywhere without your knowledge.

Permissions Breakdown

Read, Write, Receive, and Send text messages

These permissions are necessary for two reasons: 1) to detect when a message has arrived, so that Auto Respond knows when to send a response and who to send the response to. 2) To write the response message to your outgoing SMS log.

Your text messages will not be accessed outside of these reasons. The messages are never sent to anyone besides the intended recipient of the response message, and only the recipient of received messages is ever read. The content of these message is not read for any reason.

Read your Contacts

This permission is necessary for the functionality of the “Do Not Respond” and “Custom Response” lists within the Auto Respond application. When a text message is received, the sender of the message is checked against these lists to decide whether or not a response should be sent, and whether or not that response needs to be customized before being sent.

By default, Auto Respond will only send a response to numbers that are in your contact list, and only to numbers listed as “mobile”. Therefore, when an SMS or a phone call is received, Auto Respond checks to see if that number is in your contact list before sending a response. These options can be changed in the “Main Options” menu. Turning on the “Respond to All Numbers” option will respond to numbers that are not in your contact list, and turning on the “Respond to All Calls” option will respond to calls from numbers that are not listed as mobile.

Your contacts will not be accessed outside of these reasons, and no contact data is ever sent outside of the Auto Respond app.

Read Phone State

This permission is required for the “Respond to Phone Calls” feature and the “Auto Respond when in phone call” option.

The state of your phone will not be used for any other reason, and no data about your phone state ever leaves the Auto Respond app.

Read Call Log

This permission is required for the “Respond to Phone Calls” feature. Starting with Android P, this¬†permission is necessary to read the phone number from an incoming call. Without this permission on Android P and above, the app would be able to tell that a call is coming in, but not be able to detect the incoming phone number.

This permission will never be used for any reason other than receiving the incoming call number, and the number is only used to send the response SMS. This information never leaves the Auto Respond app.

Read/Write Files

This permission is required for logging. Auto Respond keeps 3 days worth of logs, in case users are having problems with the app. There is also a “send log” item in the menu, so that these logs can be sent to the developer for analysis.

This permissions will never be used to read files that are not directly associated with Auto Respond. The log files are never accessed for any reason unless you decide to send them for analysis.