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Want to develop an app that interfaces with Auto Respond? Check out the Auto Respond API and the sample project and usage instructions on GitHub.


Auto Respond is like having an away message for your phone!

The only Auto Responder on the Play Store that can turn itself on when you dock your phone!
Auto Respond Pro is the least expensive, most feature rich SMS Responder on the Google Play Store!

  • If you are using any task killer apps, make sure to exclude Auto Respond or certain functions may not work properly.
  • If you are using GO SMS, you need to uncheck the “Disable other message notification” setting in “Receive Settings” of GO SMS setting.


  • Auto Respond to text messages (SMS) when enabled
    • Option to auto respond to received voice calls
    • Option to silence ringer while enabled
  • Personalized response message
    • Create a list of frequently used messages
  • Session timer
    • Send another reply if it has been X minutes since the last reply from that contact
  • Option to auto enable when in dock or car dock
    • Option to use a specific message when docked
  • Optional Notification when Auto Respond is active
    • Notification also shows how many responses were sent this session
    • Users with Android 4.1+ will see expandable style notifications with more info
  • Create a “Do not respond” list
  • Only sends one response per contact, per session to avoid spamming contacts
    • A session is started when “Auto Respond” is enabled, and ended when it is disabled
  • Only responds to contacts in your address book by default
    • This is done so that it only replies to cell phones, and not land lines or other devices
    • Option to respond to all, not just address book contacts
  • 1×1 status widget

Pro Only:

  • Custom responses to individual contacts
    • Set custom replies for different people
    • Reply only to certain contacts
  • Quick Settings toggle button for Android 7.0 and above
  • Schedule for responses (useful during a daily/weekly meeting, college classes, sports practices, etc.)
    • “Do not respond” and “Custom Response” lists for each schedule
  • 1×1 Widget to easily enable auto respond with a specific preset message
  • 4×4 schedule widget
  • Auto enable when Bluetooth connected
    • Different settings and message per Bluetooth device
  • Quick Settings toggle button for Android 7.0 and above
  • Enhanced notification in Android 7.0
    • Toggle off from notification
    • Message can be changed from the notification
  • An API for developers to use features of Auto Respond in their apps

Features In Development:

  • Adding groups to “Custom Response” and “Do Not Respond” lists (Custom Responses are pro only)
  • Android Wear module (Pro only)
  • Automatic toggling with “Do Not Disturb” mode (Pro only)

Features added in 2.3: (Bold are only in the pro version)

  • Added ability to ignore calls
  • Added different “Do not disturb” modes
  • Moved all “Quick Toggle” settings to “Other Options” menu

Features added in 2.4: (Bold are only in the pro version)

  • Added compatibility with Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Added option to reply again after certain amount of time passes (in Main Options)
  • Added Tasker plugin
    • Look under “Plugin” menu for “State” and “Event” for triggers
    • Look under “Plugin” for actions

Auto Respond requires the following permissions:

  • Most of the SMS permissions are obvious: they’re needed to check for received text messages and send a response
  • READ CONTACT DATA: Used to check to see if the number being replied to is in your contact list
  • READ_PHONE_STATE: Used to respond to received phone calls
  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Used to re-enable Auto Respond on boot, if enabled when device was shut down. And used to re-schedule enabled schedules
  • WAKE_LOCK: used for scheduler. Wakes the device briefly to enable/disable Auto Respond, then returns the device to it’s previous state
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET: used for Google Analytics

As features are added they may require additional permissions, and they will all be explained here.

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